Digital Media Finishing Services

I'm currently an Autodesk Flame/Smoke Artist for ABC Studios. I've been with ABC for 16+ years, and have 20+ years of post production experience.

Making green screen composites look natural, believable and seamless is one of my specialties. My beauty work has enhanced Connie Britton, Alyssa Milano and Tim Allen, to name a few.

My animated show logos, motion graphics and effects are used to promote ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, Revenge, Nashville, Zero Hour and more. In addition, I have Autodesk Smoke installed on a fast iMac. This allows me to offer my post production skill set to a wide variety of clients. I’m also a 16 year member of the Art Directors Guild.

Hardware / Software

I’m currently using the 20th Anniversary Edition of software for Autodesk Flame. I’m also running the latest edition of Autodesk Smoke on my system in my studio.

  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Green Screen Compositing
  • Special Effects
  • Beauty Work
  • Rig Removal
  • Rotoscoping
  • Color Correction/Enhancement
  • Scene Re-lighting
  • Object Tracking
  • Shot Stabilization